3 Great Content Tools

The Internet era has come along with an amazing amount of information that people can access online, read and share. However, every new step in the evolution of humankind has brought with it unwanted side effects nobody desires. The internet has opened up people’s access to information of any kind, no matter the quality and attractiveness of the content.

This is by far the biggest setback for all Internet users: stumbling upon poor content that makes you waste your time and lose your patience. Still, Google as well as the other search engines have worked and still work to promote and stimulate original content and great quality through many updates and algorithms which help good sites rank better.

Besides, there are at least 3 fresh tools that can easily help you get your hands on amazing content, read your favorite blogs and update you with the latest posts. Which are they? Let’s begin!

1. Feedly

Newsletter subscriptions have lost so much credibility lately due to too many emails (almost spammy) and bad timing, but how can you get your eyes on the latest posts from your favorite blogs if you won’t subscribe through email? Well, then you haven’t heard about Feedly.

Feedly is one of the latest platforms specially built to help you receive, organize, read and share content with great ease. The principle that stands behind this platform is: simplicity and speed. Feedly is available both for PCs as well as for mobile devices and it has so many awesome features that help you read the latest posts according to your personal preferences and settings.

If you haven’t tried Feedly yet, perhaps now that Google Reader has been retired and email subscriptions can be annoying, you might just give it a shot.

2. Newsle

Newsle is a great new tracker that helps you follow people online when they are mentioned in online articles and blog posts. Are you a follower? If not,  you need to upgrade because Newsle works with the largest social media networks (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) and finds the latest news written by or about your favorite journalists and/or bloggers.

You can even find news about you and of course, get mail alerts every time something about you or about people you follow gets published online. How cool is that?

3. Scoop.it

To top it all off you need the best content curation tool, a simple but innovative tool that helps you create a board on a topic and add related content to the board. People can follow you and you can return the favor if what they add on their boards is relevant and interesting to you. Simple as that! This is what Scoop.it does and it does it really well. If you create a free account you can create up to 5 boards on various topics and then build interesting content. You can easily follow boards around topics, suggest and add content with the simple push of a button. Even more, you can create your own personal newsletters related to the board of topics.

At times social media can be really time consuming but here you have 3 simple solutions in simplifying your search in finding the content you need. Here is even more info on how you can setup Feedly, Newsle and Scoop.it from Social Media Examiner.