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Randi Sherman

How to Give Your Website a Little LOVE

Social Media, PPC, and SEO are indeed powerful tools to drive traffic to your website. However, it’s only part of an overall marketing strategy to achieve success in your business. When I began working with clients on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, I soon realized traffic alone wasn’t enough to generate sales. Without other critical factors in place, you can waste a lot of valuable time pouring your resources into a fruitless website.

My breakthrough moment was when I saw first-hand how ill-prepared my clients’ websites actually were to receive a rush of traffic. This is when my entire philosophy about social media changed and I began to investigate why these websites were not converting into leads or sales. I discovered that creating good content makes a difference because visitors not only understand what you offer, but they see the value in hiring you versus your competitors. In other words, you need a clear and value-focused message.

To improve leads and sales online, you must have a site that is optimized so that every page is ready to take visitors to the next step in your sales process.  The Social Calling has helped over 150 clients.  Here’s what I can do for you>>


“You need a clear and value-focused message.”

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