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Randi Sherman

My Personal Breakthrough Moment with Social Media Traffic

Why You Lose All the Traffic You Work So Hard to Get

Welcome to The Social Calling, a Social Media Firm in Los Angeles!  Social Media is indeed a powerful tool; however, it’s only part of an overall marketing strategy to help you achieve success in your business. Without other critical factors in place, you can waste a lot of valuable time pouring your resources into social media traffic. When I began working with clients on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter,  I soon realized the traffic alone wasn’t enough to generate sales.

My breakthrough moment was when I discovered most of my company’s clients were ill-prepared to receive website traffic generated by our social media efforts. This is when my entire philosophy changed from social media marketing to the critical concept of Social Media Readiness. Social Media Readiness has everything to do with evaluating and preparing your website so it is READY to convert visitors into leads and sales.

Website conversions are challenging because the way you think your visitor should shop or navigate through your website is often entirely different from the way they actually do. If you want maximum leads and sales from your social media traffic, you must have a site that is optimized for conversions. Leave this critical component out of your marketing and you could be fighting an uphill battle.

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